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 Spencer the Fallen Angel

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PostSubject: Spencer the Fallen Angel   Sun Jan 03, 2010 10:18 pm

Name: Spencer
Age: 17
Race: 98% human while 2% bird
Looks: Light brown hair with fairly tan skin. Even though he is very powerful, it doesn't show. He looks average on his muscle mass, even though his strength is far beyond a grown adult. He's slightly taller then average. Wears a dark green vest over a black t-shirt. Jeans and blackish-brown boots. Has wings growing out of his upper back.
Powers (if any): Enhanced senses (hearing, touch, sight, taste, and smell), triple the strength of a grown male adult, wings that are used for flight, lungs that can inflate four times as big as normal to produce powerful gusts of air (even though it leaves Spencer breathless for a few minutes), feathers that, when plucked from his wings, convert into the same density as steel, the same navigation abilities as a bird, and a split personality in his head that doubles all of these powers when he is let into command of Spencer's body. Named Beast.
Personality: Very happy-go-lucky. Tries to look at the positives at life instead of the negatives.
History: Spencer lived peacefully on a small island when he was little. There weren't many things that would disturb the peace of his island, so things were pretty easy going. However, one day an organization called "The Marines" appeared on the island and wanted to take back a person with them to, aparently, train as an exclusive "worker." Spencer hated them with an extensive rage and spit in one of their eyes. They immediatly picked him up and took him away on their boat. They arrived at a hidden lab somewhere and immediatly threw him in a cage. Over time, they would poke him with various needles containing various DNA samples, vaccines, and the sort. Within a year, he had already grown budding wings on his back. Years passed and the tests grew more and more frequent as his abilities were revealed. Spencer soon came to realize that he had no right to stay in the lab and had the means of getting out. With the use of his powers, he broke free of the cage he was held in and made a break for the sunlight for which he had not seen for many years. They surrounded him at the door and just as all seemed hopeless, Spencer's body grew limp and fell to floor, but he arose soon after, his body seeming more bulky and his aura more bloodthirsty and chilling. It was as if he was a different person. He blacked out, but then awoke in a forest somewhere. Wondering why he had acted that way.
HAHAHA!!! That wasn't you, kid. It was me! said a strange voice in his head.
This new personality was called Beast, for his bloodthirsty and simple-minded behavior. He exists in Spencer's head and can talk to him and only him, unless he's in control of the body, which happens very little of the time.

~Whew that was longer then how I usually tell that story. Oh well, guess extensiveness counts for something.
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Spencer the Fallen Angel
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