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 Kiko Mourie

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PostSubject: Kiko Mourie   Thu Jan 07, 2010 9:06 pm

Name: Kiko Mourie

Age: 16

Appearance: She wears a white dress, oversized on her tiny form. The long sleeves fall over her hands and top falls down over her shoulders. The length is only long enough to cover her. Large black cat ears with white tuff sticking out of them poke from her brown hair falling just past her chin. Large brown eyes and a tiny mouth, her bottom lip hidden behind her teeth most of the time. A thin black tail also hangs down the back of her legs and is usually curled around her thigh. She wears no shoes.

Weapon(s) of choice: She doesn't fight, nor does she know how. She runs if there is trouble and that's how she stays alive.

Personality: A very timid and shy girl, she doesn't like people very much, having been abused for many years.

History: Kiko was raised by her mother until she was 11. Her mother died soon after her birthday and she was left on her own. Being a neko, she was thought of as a prize to the nearby towns. Never knowing this, she traveled to one to find a place to stay, being starved and malnurished from being on her own so long, she was taken by a man with a high standing in the town and kept by him until she was 15. At that age, she was thrown away by the man. Learning from this, she stayed in the shadows and stealing to survive. She became a very useful pickpocket and was able to steal what she needed without being caught. No one knows where she is, moving constantly to keep herself alive.

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Kiko Mourie
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