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 Rules of Limitless Infinate

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PostSubject: Rules of Limitless Infinate   Thu Jan 07, 2010 9:17 pm

Yeah, we love to roleplay and everything, but that doesn't mean we can just do anything. Here I list the rules for the site. I'll add more as the site's need for more rules grows.
1. Always respect what other people post. Don't tell someone to change their post unless you have very good reason to do so. Don't have them change their post just because it doesn't exactly follow what you want.
2. Always treat the other members kindly. If there is any mistreatment of members, report it to me or another staff member and we will deal with it accordingly.
3. Don't spam. If you're spamming an RP topic with posts saying "visit my website" you will be blocked.
4. One line posts aren't accepted. I'm not asking for paragraphs on each post, but one line posts make it hard for the other roleplayers to think of information to work with for their own RPs.
5. (for staff) Don't abuse your mod or admin-ship for personal gain. Don't ban members just because you have a grudge or anything of the sort.
6. You must post your character info in the Character Introduction section before starting or joining an RP. It makes things far easier for other members and yourself so you don't have to bother with an introduction to your character evrytime you start an RP.
7. Do your best to stay on the main story (in there is a story) to an RP. It wouldn't make much sense if you're in the Bahamas and suddenly a new person comes in saying their character is making a snowman.
8. Killing another members' main character is a big taboo. You may not kill any characters that you see in the character introduction section without the creators' permission. If, for any reason, that you would like to make killing in YOUR roleplay, add a "KillZone" to the title so the members who will join know what could happen to them.

That's all the rules for now. Make sure to check back in case there are any updates.
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Rules of Limitless Infinate
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