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 Flare Siblings

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PostSubject: Flare Siblings   Fri Jan 08, 2010 8:57 pm

"In a Land of Evil and Darkness, Two Young Heroes will Arise from Flames..."
Name:Ash Flare (Nickname is Ashes)
Species:Female Cat
Type: Light Magic Healer
Personality: Caring, level-headed, and quick to react
Primary Element: Fire
Weapons/Attacks: Ashes uses her magic to summon small fire animal spirits.She can also summon her crystal staff at any time and use it for close and long ranged attacks.Ash can use multiple elements when casting spells and her strongest spell is a magic missile.She is better at distant attacks,but in close combat her claws are quite effective.She keeps medical herbs in her belt,but also has healing powers for quick-action.

Name:Soot Flare
Species:Male Wolf
Type: Warrior
Personality: Brave and strong,yet quick to barge in
Primary Element: Fire
Secondary Element: Wind
Weapons/Attacks: Soot's only weapon is his ancient sword,the Fang Blade.This sword was bestowed upon him by the elder of his and Ashes' village.It is crafted from precious metals and fangs from the fallen. He can use his fire and wind elements with his sword. He may only have one weapon,but his strength and skill are hard to match.

History(for both): Ashes and Soot are brother and sister;Soot is the older brother.They grew up in a small,yet peaceful village where nothing bad ever happened. However,one day not long after their villages' annual sun festival,Darkness came to the land.The evil creatures attacked and almost completely destroyed their village and kidnapped almost all the townspeople to be used as shadow creatures.
They tried to fight back, and defeated many enemies,but they were stricken by an powerful evil spell that turned them into their animal spirits.Ashes and Soot went to the village's elder for advice. He told them they had to defeat the darkness to break the spell and return the light to the land.He then gave Ashes the Crystal Staff and Soot the Fang Blade.
They thanked him and went off into the darkness to begin their quest for the light.
(Shadow Creatures are dark energy masses that have innocent people imprisoned in them to power them.The Shadow Creature's form is that of the imprisoned ones' animal spirit..Defecting one will release the person.)
...and thats kinda all I have so far....

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Flare Siblings
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