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 History of Limitless Infinate (TK edition)

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PostSubject: History of Limitless Infinate (TK edition)   Wed Jan 06, 2010 8:48 pm

I'm telling the story, so you KNOW it's true.


Our story begins with a humble roleplayer by the name of TK. He enjoys roleplaying with his friends in chatboxes, yes, but he wants to seek out more people for him to enjoy roleplaying with. He typed in the words "roleplay" in a Google search bar, but found nothing but porn! He tried once more with different wording and came across a widely popular forum named "Pokecharms," a pokemon based forum made in the UK. He tried his luck there and enjoyed the foreign version of roleplaying known as "forum rp-ing." He caught on very quickly. However, the head of the site, a man going by the name "Dr. Oak," hated TK for... uh... no reason whatsoever. *mumbles* no reason at all... *mumbles* So, feeling unwelcome with all the staff on the site hating him for poor grammer, TK set off through the magical world of Google to find yet another forum. He considered what he should be looking for and decided that, since he loved One Piece, he would look for a One Piece roleplayiing forum. He found one. It was a place that had recently been hit with a series of hack-bombs and was recovering. He decided to stay because the people were nice? I GUESS they were nice. However, this forum introduced a new form of forum RPing to TK. HP bars, stats, restrictions, and thought out attacks, this was obviously not a place for TK to use his imagination, cunning wits, or stunning good looks. So, months passed and TK continued chatbox RPing with his usual youtube friends. And then, one day when he was waiting for his friend to get back online, a man entered the chatbox in which TK was waiting. He was a kind, welcoming man who asked out hero if he liked to forum RP. TK responded with a hearty "yep!" and the man told him his name. He went by the name Dom and took TK to a new site, generated by Forumotion. This new site was named "Complexity" and was just the style TK was looking for. No restrictions, improper grammer was left unnoticed, and the people were very nice indeed. Running the site were three admins, Raven, the admin who interacted with the community, Dom, the one who recruited and oversaw the whole operation, and the GIANT, FAT, SMELLY, OGRE MLFTH. Mlfth had only achieved admin status because she was seducing Raven with her evil ways. TK immediatly started fitting in. He would sign onto Complexity everyday to RP to his heart's content, even though the site wasn't what most would call busy. He eventually joined a group by the name "Broken Dreams" modded by a moderator of the site, a girl by the name of Jasz. Jasz quickly became one of TK's best friends of the site. Throughout the course of time on the site, TK gained the trust of Dom and was awarded with the rank of "N00b guider" and helped new people to the site adjust. As great as life was on Complexity, the Ogre Mlfth was planning something evil. It would be easier to tell you EXACTLY as I remember it. So you know it's EXACTLY what happened.


And so, Complexity was soon ravaged by the horrible Mlfth. With Complexity gone, Dom TK was forced to take action.
"Why don't we create a new forum?" he suggested. And, as always, it was the best idea possible since no one would dare approach Mlfth, for fear of being sat upon. And so, the new forum, DarkNightmares, was created. With TK as head mod, things were safe. Oh, right, Dom, Raven, and Jasz were also the admins. The site slowly gained popularity and even Dust, the stubbornest donkey man on the planet, aknowledged the member(s) that TK had recruited. Clans were set up, but none as great as Fantasy League. A group not caring about quantity, but quality. Throughout the history of DN, many things happened. Raven and Jasz started dating, Dom left the site for a short amount of time, Jasz and Raven broke up, many rumors going around about Dust liking Crissa, but despite all of these happenings, the site was slowly withering away. The site was slowly starting to get less and less posts. TK, still wanting an RP forum, but knowing there wouldn't be much action on this site, started thinking. He knew how to create a forum, knew people who would join his forum, knew how to recruit even more people for his forum, and a deep knowledge of his history for an awesome story to put in the "Basic Info" section of his forum that people probably aren't reading anymore because it's too damned long. So, TK began work on a new forum he would run things his way. For inside reasons, he called the forum he was to create "Limitless Infinate."
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History of Limitless Infinate (TK edition)
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